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Talisman 30th Anniversary Concert

February 8, 2020
Bing Concert Hall

Courtesy of artist

Stanford a cappella group Talisman was founded in 1990 to share music that carries compelling personal and cultural narratives. Much of Talisman’s repertoire originates from the struggle songs of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa as well as other diverse cultures around the world. Talisman challenges itself to honor the music’s cultural roots, and is committed to engaging audiences thoughtfully in cross-cultural appreciation and learning.

For their 30th anniversary concert, Talisman alumni and current members from the past three decades will come together to sing and showcase the many voices that have contributed to Talisman’s growth. In addition, the concert will be a journey through Talisman’s own development, highlighting the many musical traditions they have explored over the years. Expect a night filled with song, stories, and celebration.

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