About Encore Spotlight

For the past 50 years, Encore has been proud to partner with arts organizations in Washington, Oregon and California by providing advertising sales and publishing services for their performance programs. At Encore, we have always felt strongly that offering audience members a program provides an opportunity to deepen the connection with the performance, the cast and the art community. These programs contain informative content, aesthetic layouts and relevant advertising, while also acting as a beautiful keepsake and an integral part of the arts performance experience. By providing all of these, we strive to connect arts, culture and community.

Encore is always exploring new avenues to deepen communication and connection between the community and our partners. With this goal in mind, Encore has developed Spotlight, a website celebrating local performance arts, dedicated to loyal patrons and focused on inviting new audiences to enjoy live performance art in the Seattle Metro and San Francisco Bay areas.

Bringing you the latest news, features, reviews and interviews about the performance arts you love, Encore Spotlight will keep you informed and entertained. Spotlight also offers you access to our Encore program archive—a wealth of information about past performances from our partners, which we are continually adding to. And the next time you’re looking for a quality recommendation for what to do, check out our calendar of events—you won’t need to sift through hundreds of irrelevant options, because we have a spotlight on what you want to see.

With quality coverage of the arts declining all over the country, we at Encore believe it’s our duty, and privilege as a member of the arts community to help halt that decline and offer relevant, engaging content for all and continue our mission of connecting arts, culture and community.