Watch “Reunite With the Arts” and Get Inspired Again


A new video created by ArtsFund shares the impact of the arts in times of upheaval and challenges in order to inspire all.

ArtsFund—a local nonprofit that supports the arts through leadership, advocacy, and grant making—is furthering its mission of building a healthy, equitable and creative Washington by producing Reunite With the Arts. This video shares the stories of Washington’s arts and cultural community members throughout the difficulties of the past two years.

“Over the past two years, our communities have been disconnected,” said Michael Greer, ArtsFund President and CEO. “And as we begin to reconnect with our friends and family, we’re using arts and culture in order to do that. Arts and culture are incredibly excited to play that role within our communities.”

The video chronicles the trials, obstacles, and accomplishments that the arts sector has experienced during the pandemic, painting an inspiring picture of how individuals have come together in their time of most need. During the pandemic the arts and cultural sectors have been hit extremely hard, impacting everyone from artists to arts administrators, from the highest level of leadership to the ushers.

Now that we are beginning to see a glimpse of light at the end of this dark tunnel, with the community defying all obstacles and bouncing back, ArtsFund provides this video as a rallying call for all to get involved and participate in new ways. It reminds us of the power and possibility that the arts provide us while we look towards the future.      

Learn more at ArtsFund’s website.