See What Audiences and Critics Are Saying About “POTUS”

Kevin Berne

POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive is playing at Berkeley Rep’s Roda Theatre now through October 22. Get your tickets today and see what audiences and critics are say.

Berkeley Rep brings you this gleefully feminist satire just in time for the Presidential primaries! When the President unwittingly spins a PR nightmare into a global crisis, the seven brilliant and beleaguered women he relies upon most risk life, liberty, and the pursuit of sanity to keep the commander-in-chief out of trouble. (Any resemblance to past White House shenanigans is purely coincidental.) Entertainment Weekly says, “The likelihood that you will laugh until your face hurts is one of near certainty.”

“LMAO-inducing POTUS rips America a new one and roots around inside. [Annie] Tippe’s cast triumphs! It’s the kind of theater where you almost never sit back; you’re ever alert for the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to come tumbling down.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Nasty fun! Gargantuan guffaws! Playwright [Selina] Fillinger has a wicked way with a one-liner. Her women are smart, ambitious and crude as hell. From the first line to the last, the play’s language is so salty you may need to bring hydration – and that’s when the play is at its best.”

Chad Jones’ Theater Dogs

“All the actors in POTUS were tremendous. How lovely to see an all-female cast. It reminded me — and I mean this in a good way — of the Barbie movie.”

Audience Member

“Loved this play! Witty, clever, funny and entertaining!!”

Audience Member

“Just what we all need!”

Audience Member