Seattle Opera and Tasveer Announce a New Partnership

Tasveer staff members Rita Meher, Anterpreet Bains, Uzma Khan, and Khenrab Palden. Photo by David Jaewon Oh

Tasveer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to South Asian film and arts, has recently made a significant move by relocating its administrative team to the Opera Center. This strategic decision allows Tasveer to forge a collaborative partnership with the staff of the Seattle Opera, facilitating the sharing of state-of-the-art facilities and event spaces.

Not only will Tasveer gain access to a workspace, storage capacity, and valuable technical support, but it will also have the privilege of hosting its annual film festival in the renowned Tagney Jones Hall. This grand theater, boasting a seating capacity of 200, represents a splendid venue for Tasveer to captivate audiences with the mesmerizing world of South Asian cinema. The convergence of these two esteemed institutions signifies a remarkable development in the realm of artistic collaboration and promises an exceptional future for both organizations.

A grant called Building for Equity, provided through 4Culture/King County, created the opportunity for the partnership. The grant supports building projects for arts and cultural organizations and drives for equitable resource allocation.   

“We are looking forward to having our next festival in Tagney Jones Hall,” said Operations Manager Khenrab Palden. “Being at Seattle Center is the opportunity to showcase our programs to a much wider audience. This relationship with Seattle Opera gives us a chance to share our heritage and art with the larger Seattle community.”

Tasveer has committed to an initial three-year endeavor. This significant step not only offers Tasveer an invaluable opportunity to establish a comprehensive plan for constructing its own dedicated space but also serves as a catalyst for their upcoming capital campaign. Rita Meher, Tasveer’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, expressed enthusiasm for this pivotal moment, stating, “We are launching our own capital campaign. Being here gives us time to build our fundraising capacity. I’m not sure that we can acquire our own building in three years, but being here lets us get started. Programs like this one are a form of activism, leading to the creation of equitable systems that assist under-resourced organizations.”

Such visionary programs hold the power to enact positive change, acting as a form of activism by nurturing the growth of equitable systems that support under-resourced organizations. Tasveer’s residency at the Opera Center embodies this spirit of transformation, heralding a future brimming with possibilities and a steadfast commitment to fostering a more inclusive artistic landscape.