Celebratory Events Abound for Seattle Opera’s 60th Anniversary Season

Guests at Seattle Opera's Open House in 2022. Visitors to Seattle Opera's Open House can try on costumes as they tour the Costume Shop at the Opera Center. Jake Hanson

In the grand commemoration of its 60th-anniversary season, Seattle Opera unveils a captivating array of events and performances, poised to embellish the forthcoming months.

Amidst this celebratory season, a vibrant tapestry of experiences awaits opera enthusiasts. Beyond the confines of the traditional opera house, a mosaic of opportunities beckons – from the traditional Annual Open House, to the inaugural presentation by the Soldiers’ Chorus of The United States Army Field Band, to immersive opera classes and resounding recitals. These offerings collectively extend an invitation to partake in the enchantment of live theater, fostering an experience that transcends the opera house’s physical boundaries.

What you see on the opera stage is only the tip of the iceberg,” said General Director Christina Scheppelmann. “We are always eager to welcome audiences into our building to show them what goes on under the surface. It takes a huge team to put opera on stage, with a staggering variety of jobs and expertise. Whether you check out our Open House, one of our educational programs, or our recitals, come learn more about how the performing arts work—it’s the best way to feel connected to our art and the artists who make it.”

At the heart of the festivities lies Seattle Opera’s highly anticipated yearly Open House, scheduled for Saturday, September 23. In the previous year, this event warmly embraced 600 attendees within the confines of The Opera Center, the administrative hub nestled on the Seattle Center campus. The forthcoming edition of this complimentary celebration promises an array of engaging and captivating activities. Highlights encompass an insightful presentation by Anthony Davis, the illustrious Pulitzer Prize-winning composer renowned for X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X.

The program also features captivating performances by the fresh cohort of Resident Artists from Seattle Opera and a medley of other vocalists. Attendees can immerse themselves in the creative processes by indulging in an interactive glimpse into the inner workings of the Costume Shop and Props Department. Artistry extends to craft stations, fostering an ambiance of creative engagement. The event will resonate with a harmonious community sing-along and provide a live transmission of an ongoing rehearsal for Alcina, granting an exclusive behind-the-scenes view into the opera’s production.

“The Open House is our opportunity not only to showcase the great work going on at Seattle Opera, but also to celebrate the broad range of excellent organizations that make up Seattle’s arts and culture community,” said Director of Programs and Partnerships Dennis Robinson, Jr. “Seattle needs arts organizations of all sizes, telling all kinds of stories, in order to thrive. We want to make sure we’re doing our part to support that ecosystem and make connections throughout our larger community.”