Understanding ‘Earnest’

There’s no question that Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is a comic masterpiece. It’s full of the author’s signature dry wit, and crackles with humor while skewering the restrictive social mores of the Victorian era. But in that grand tradition of drawing room comedy, it can also get just the teensiest bit confusing. Who is in love with whom? What’s the obsession with muffins? Is anyone actually named Earnest?!

The good people at Seattle Shakespeare Company are one step ahead of us. As they prepare to open their production of Earnest later this month, they’ve pulled together some handy infographics and flowcharts to help put these pieces together. One such example (from Cliffs Notes) is below, but there’s so much more to learn! Click here for more Earnest fun facts about muffins, cucumber sandwiches and much more. You won’t be sorry.