Theatre Pets: Barking with Gloucester Mitchell-Reighley

Name: Gloucester
Age: 8
Breed: Boston-ish, with accents
Human companionsMark Mitchell, a servant of middle age, and Kurt B. Reighley, their liege

What have you learned about life among the theatre and fashion folk? 

They are easy pickings for belly rubs and sad-eyed looks. Also, technical rehearsals are the best. I love a 10 out of 12. Good napping, and those people who swank around in Mark’s costumes sneak you treats.

I picture you surrounded by sumptuous fabrics in your home. What are the perks to living with a designer?

I’m not sure I’d call it a perk, but I have a bed that matches everything else in the living room, which is covered in a VERY LARGE daisy print. My dots fade into it well, so I can be camouflaged, which is nice, but it does jar the eye! My servant, Mark, gets crazy with patterns. I’d prefer a nice grass lawn inside, maybe some bacon wallpaper, and cow bones.

What’s your favorite fabric?  

Apparently, a VERY LARGE daisy print.

If Mark could design any costume for you, what would you want it to be? What would he want it to be?

I prefer my natural coverings, because frankly, I look as good as a dog can look. Mark (I may have mentioned he’s my servant) would dress me up as the guy in the top hat from the Monopoly game or a 1930’s newsboy or something. He lives in the past.

If you were to write a play, what would it be about? What style of playwright would you be?

Well, I am a product of my environment, so if I were to write a play it would be something tragic with a lot of messy eating scenes in it. With a spectacular musical number for our boss, Kurt. My style is very traditional: drunk at a typewriter in the middle of the night, smoking Luckies, and crumpling up actual paper pages. Very Lillian Hellman.