Taproot Theatre Opens New Studio Theatre

With the expansion of Taproot Theatre complete, the company will now offer smaller shows in their smaller venue, the Isaac Studio Theatre, located in the company’s new Kendall Center. The 120-seat space will kick off 2014 with a season of six shows performed by Taproot Theatre’s Touring Company. The season, which is currently underway, will give Taproot audiences a delightful variety of improv, drama and comedy.

The inaugural season includes:

boy meets girl…an improved love story
By Danny Walter and Solomon Davis, Feb. 7, 8 and 15.
A love story, where the audience suggests and directs the plot. Improv at its finest.

Pretty Fire
by Charlayne Woodard, March 6-22.
A one-woman show, tracing the life of the famed African-American actress, who has appeared in such movies as “Unbreakable,” “The Crucible” and “The Million Dollar Hotel.”

Mark of Immediacy
Adapted by Nathan Jeffrey, April 11, 12, 17, 18, 19.
With scripture as their script, three actors bring to life the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Trouble in Fairtalezania and Wild Wes
Directed by Nathan Jeffrey and Solomon Davis, May 5 and 17.
Two family-friendly shows. One about a Fairy Godmother losing her powers; the other about a boy from Texas trying to make friends in his new hometown in the Pacific Northwest.

The Amish Project
Written by Jessica Dickey, July 24 – Aug. 9.
One woman channels a kaleidoscope of voices in reaction to a true life mass shooting in an Amish schoolhouse.

Christmas Touring
Dec 1, 3, 8, and 10.
See two shows (still to be determined) for the price of one as holiday cheer makes its merry home in Taproot’s hallowed halls.