STG’s DANCE This Celebrates 21 Years

Christopher Nelson

The week after commemorating our nation’s independence, Seattle Theatre Group celebrates a bit more universally.

This Friday, STG’s DANCE This program will come to Moore Theatre for one remarkable night of performance. Now in its 21st year, DANCE This includes works from national and local dancers, highlighting styles from around the globe, with the purpose of connecting diverse communities and sharing backgrounds, all through the art of dance.

This year will include performances by:

  • Bahia In Motion (Dances from Brazil)
  • Cornish Dance Theater (Modern)
  • Massive Monkees (Breaking Crew)
  • Northside Step Team (Step)
  • Northwest Tap Connection (Afro-Modern/Tap)
  • Pacific Ballroom Dance (Foxtrot/Cha Cha)
  • Prashanthi Chitre Institute of Performing Arts (Indian Classical, Folk and Contemporary)
  • United Pacific Islander Impact (Samoan Dance and Music)
  • A Finale Choreographed by Kirsten Barron Kinney

In addition to the DANCE This performance on July 12, the program provides young dancers the opportunity to work with professional educators through two different dance camps during the summer: DANCE This Intensive in Seattle and DANCE This Camp @ Centrum. These programs focus on cross cultural and contemporary dance.

Aaron Alexandar, Chicago cast member from the hit musical Hamilton was a participant of DANCE This in the past and has shared its value, “Having been involved with DANCE This since 2003, I can say the program has helped shape the artist I am today. It has made my choreography and directing skills more well-rounded and eclectic. DANCE This offers kids a glimpse into the world of the performing arts and inspires them to continue to learn and perform.”

The 21st Annual DANCE This performance is Friday, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Moore Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online.