Seattle Beckett Fest’s Surprise Guest: Bill Irwin

As if the Seattle Beckett Festival couldn’t get any better. There have been radio dramas, prose works, and fully staged plays, including Seattle Shakespeare Company’s recent production of Samuel Beckett’s masterwork, Waiting for Godot.

How about adding a special surprise treat? Last night at the Seattle Repertory Theatre, the great clown-actor Bill Irwin had a conversation about the works of Samuel Beckett, lectured about the great dramatist’s work, and performed pieces from some of Beckett’s work.

Unfamiliar with Irwin? Perhaps he’s more familiar than you realize.

He’s Mister Noodle in Elmo’s World on Sesame Street

He was on “Northern Exposure” as a non-verbal Flying Man, too…

And here he is performing with the late great Robin Williams…

The Seattle Beckett Festival continues. Sound Theatre’s 5 X Beckett, a bevy of one acts, opens at ACT Theatre Thursday. Ghost Light Theatricals will perform Beckett’s Endgame starting Friday. Also, UMO Ensemble will ruminate on Beckett via movement with their Fail Better, also showing at ACT in mid-November.