New Podcast From Seattle Shakespeare Focuses on POC Artists’ Relationships With Shakespeare’s Works

Lamar Legend, the host and producer of “Under This Light,” Seattle Shakespeare Company's new podcast series. Photo courtesy of artist

“Under This Light—A Revelation of Shakespeare and Self” is a new podcast series that gathers locally and nationally recognized POC theatre professionals for a conversation about their relationship with Shakespeare and the classics. Each episode in this new, biweekly series explores the guest artist’s background and career to uncover personal triumphs, current struggles, and future ambitions while revealing what Shakespeare means to them.

“‘Under This Light’ is a much-needed conversation between POC artists which directly addresses issues we currently face within our community and our creative work,” says series host Lamar Legend. “We’ll wrestle with Shakespeare’s stories, his problematic text, and where our joy can fit within them. My hope is that, in listening to the broad array of backgrounds and experiences from our guests, listeners may see themselves and their own journeys reflected; perhaps, learn something new; and are emboldened to deepen their relationship with The Bard.”

The “Under This Light” podcast series is an extension of Seattle Shakespeare Company’s mission to help to make classical plays relevant to the ongoing human conversation and open ways of thinking about and viewing Shakespeare through a new lens. It helps connect people to the classics who think it might not be for them and provide a different perspective to patrons who already have a familiarity with the classics.

The project team for the series includes Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Diversity Programming Coordinator Lamar Legend (Host/Producer) and Stephon Dorsey (Sound Engineer/Composer).

The series appears on Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Rough Magic podcast, and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are available. More information about the podcast series can be found on Seattle Shakespeare Company’s website.