Midweek News

News cast

Here are some news bits from Seattle’s performing arts community and beyond:

Grease is the word, now playing at the 5th Avenue Theatre. Kirsten deLohr Helland, the actress playing Rizzo, is interviewed here. The good reviews call the show an “ebullient new staging.” Another review says the show nails it.

Wicked is spellbinding audiences at the Paramount Theatre.

Everyone is getting excited over the inaugural Seattle Art Fair, coming at the end of the month. 

Everyone is excited about the annual Pianos in the Parks, where artistically-designed pianos are found in many Seattle-area parks, free for the playing.

How does the old Kingdome help the arts today? This way

Retired General Director of the Seattle Opera, Speight Jenkins, discusses teaching 400 years of opera, here.

Talking about teaching – the U.S. Senate has just designated music as a core subject.

And what does the oldest known cello look like? Like this.