It’s Alive! Behind the Scenes of Book-It’s ‘Frankenstein’

Opening night for Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus is almost upon us, and things at Book-It Repertory Theatre couldn’t be crazier. Putting this classic horror story on stage is very serious business, and inquiring theatrical minds need to know: how are things going backstage? Luckily, director David Quicksall has been capturing some super-solemn behind-the-scenes moments on video, so Book-It fans and friends can join in on this process with the pros.   

Click on above to get a primer from the good doctor himself (as played by Connor Toms) and then click here for more very informative videos. How informative? Well, let’s just say you’ll get an interview with the real star of the show and a candid discussion about very, very comfortable corsets are. By all means, enjoy.