GiveBIG Raises Nearly $12 Million for Washington Nonprofits


The two-day giving campaign has come to an end! Thanks to donors, Washington nonprofits raised nearly $12 million dollars.

1,409 organizations were a part of GiveBIG’s campaign this year, which took play May 2 to 3. A total of 22,575 people donated through the online giving platform. Although the campaign is over, there is still time to donate! The Washington Gives platform that hosts GiveBIG is open year-round! Meaning you can donate to nonprofit organizations anytime you want.

What a GREAT feeling, knowing we came together to support the nonprofits in Washington that do the important work of serving our communities, stewarding the environment, creating art, and improving our lives. We can all feel good about GiveBIG’s success.

Want to learn more about how much your favorite nonprofits raised? You can check out the leaderboards on Washington Gives.

So a big thank you to all those who donated, all the organizations that participated, and all those who donated resources and time to the campaign. We got that giving feeling!