Forums at TownHall Seattle Will Give Candidates a Platform to Share Their Cultural Plans for the Region

Inspire Washington

Two candidates’ forums hosted by Inspire Washington will provide general election contenders the opportunity to outline their plans for restoring, supporting and expanding the region’s cultural arts, heritage, and natural science fields. 

Broadcasting from TownHall Seattle, the Seattle Cultural Candidate Forum will be held on October 4 at 7 p.m., for a livestreamed audience and will feature Seattle Mayoral Candidates M. Lorena González and Bruce Harrell, City Council Candidates Teresa Mosqueda, Kenneth Wilson, Nikkita Oliver and Sara Nelson. Seattle School Board candidates will also answer questions from the event’s two moderators, Marcie Sillman and Vivian Phillips.

Questions for the candidates were prepared by a diverse array of cultural leaders to focus on specific needs and areas for growth. The forum will feature performances from local artists between moderated sessions with the candidates.

“Washington’s arts and cultural sector has been pummeled by the pandemic yet remains a critical engine for our economy and the catalyst for reconnecting communities after more than a year of social distancing mandates,” Manny Cawaling, Executive Director of Inspire Washington said. “Here in King County, there are hundreds of cultural organizations doing exemplary work to withstand the mandated closures and restrictions brought about by COVID-19 and assist the artists who make this region such a vibrant place to live. Beyond economic statistics, our programming nurtures growth and strengthens communities. We make a difference and communities are counting on us to restore programming. We are excited to host these forums for voters to gain new insights and to challenge every candidate to be a cultural champion.”

The King County Cultural Candidate Forum will be held on October 12, 7 p.m., to a livestreamed audience and will feature King County Executive Candidates Dow Constantine and Joe Nguyen, County Council District 1 Candidates Rod Dembowski and Sally Caverzan, District 3 Candidates Kathy Lambert and Sarah Perry, District 5 Candidate Dave Upthegrove and Shukri Olow, and District 9 Candidates Reagan Dunn and Kim Khanh Van. The County Candidate Forum will be moderated by Janell Johnson.

This is a critical moment for the cultural sector. Now more than ever, we need champions in order to recover and thrive. Take this opportunity to get involved and share with your friends and be sure to “attend” the livestreams!

Both livestreams are free and available to all. You can RSVP here.