Five Friday Questions with Sara and Leigh-Ann Esty

Sara and Leigh-Ann Esty John Moore

Twin sisters, both former ballet dancers with the Miami City Ballet, are now both going to be on stage at the Paramount Theatre for the coming Broadway touring production of An American in Paris. We recently sat down with the Esty twins to discuss ballet, Impressionism and hot showers.

What first got you interested in performing arts? When did you realize it could be your career?

Sara: Growing up as a rambunctious indentical twin was pretty fun, but stressful for mom at times. She put us into creative movement classes and it stuck! It was the best outlet for all our energy and still is to this day! Throughout high school I started realizing I was just not meant for the “normal” path that most kids were following. It was a gut feeling I couldn’t ignore.

Leigh-Ann: Our mom made sure that music was a large part of our life. She would show us movie musicals and we both fell in love with the song and dance world. I didn’t think it could be a career for me until high school. 

What artistic performance are you excited about seeing? Why? 

Sara: I am constantly inspired every time I go to see theatre. I did get to see Dear Evan HansenSunday in the Park with George and Hello, Dolly! on Broadway. I was blown away! I love studying the actors’ every move and reaction. 

Leigh-Ann: I always look forward to seeing other Broadway musicals, even new movies that come out in theatres. Even if the movie doesn’t interest me, I watch the actors closely. I am still new to the acting world and I take every chance to learn what I can. 

What do you do to prepare before you hit the stage?

Sara: I have a few different warm ups I do. Of course I do a ballet barre warm up. 

Leigh-Ann: Before performing, I have been warming up my body and voice in a hot shower. It really loosens up your muscles and vocal chords! After hair and makeup, I do a warm up for the body parts that still have kinks in them. 

What piece of artistry has always inspired you? Why?

Sara: This may sound corny, but when Julie Andrews sings “I Have Confidence” in The Sound of Music, I always get so inspired and teary that I feel like my heart may explode. It is such a great message. 

Leigh-Ann: I have always enjoyed going to art museums, mostly to see the Impressionists. There is something so inspiring about the work in a classic art museum—that art can be interpreted in so many ways. 

What are you most looking forward to in coming to Seattle?

Sara: I have never been, so I’m looking forward to exploring and finding new little hangouts. So many people have already recommended spots to check out. I can’t wait!

Leigh-Ann: I have heard it’s a beautiful place for hiking. I grew up in Maine doing a lot of outdoor activities, so I’m hoping to get outside and explored when we are there!