Five Friday Questions with Lizzie Markson

One of the most feel-good musicals ever written, Mamma Mia!, is at the Paramount Theatre from March 28th through April 2nd. Playing the role of Sophie is Lizzie Markson. We recently sat down with her to talk dancing, Hamilton, and literally running around Seattle. 

When did you realize that you wanted to be an actor?

I’ve mainly been dancing since I was little with a little bit of theatre, here and there. But, once I got into high school, I started getting much more involved with theatre and realized that it was my true passion. Once I know how I felt about acting, and singing, and dancing, I knew I couldn’t turn back.

What artistic performance (musical act, theatrical production, you name it) are you excited about seeing and why?

Anything. Everything. Hamilton, of course—if I ever get a ticket—because it’s so revolutionary. I know those raps now pretty well, if I do say so myself. I also cannot wait to see Bandstand when it opens on Broadway. I love swing music and dancing. Also, my friend is in it, which is pretty exciting. 

What do you do to prepare right before you hit the stage?

I exercise to get my blood flowing. I warm up my voice. I eat food to give me energy. I put on my makeup and get in costume. I usually listen to relaxing music while I put on my makeup to ease my mind into the present. That’s been a lot of Jason Mraz lately. I get to the stage five minutes before the show starts to breathe into the present moment with gratitude. Then, I’m ready to launch into the show and get lost in the fun!

What piece of art (musical act, theatrical production, you name it) has always inspired you and why?

Joni Mitchell. Her music, her voice, her lyrics. Every song of hers is straight from her soul and it’s uniquely her. I’ve always been so moved and inspired by her.

What are you looking forward to do during your visit in Seattle?

Everything. I’ve been jazzed about Seattle since this tour started, so I’ve accumulated a laundry list of things I want to do and places I want to eat. I’m a runner and heard that Seattle is one of the top running cities in the country. I’m pumped for that. I’ll also have a bunch of my family in Seattle and I’m excited to spend time with them in a city I’ve never experienced before!