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April 23–May 19, 2019
Center Theatre

John Ulman

Lost and Found. Seeking her exiled father and escape from an oppressive court, Rosalind, disguised as a boy, flees with her cousin and a clown to the Forest of Arden. But the woods offer not only freedom, but a motley crew of characters and the chance to experience life and love with a fellow outcast, Orlando, from a whole new perspective.

The Game of Love. This glorious comedy of love and change features the irrepressible Rosalind, Shakespeare’s most fully-realized female character. Intimate and light-hearted, the play subverts the traditional rules of romance. Gender roles, the natural world, and politics all get woven together into a beguiling and entertaining romance.

All the World’s a Stage. Wise fools, a magical forest, cross-dressing, young love—and wrestling! As You Like It has all the elements that make a Shakespeare play so much fun. Director Kelly Kitchens, a frequent Seattle Shakespeare Company collaborator both on stage and off, returns for this delightful dive into the beauty and complexities of love.