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Seattle Opera


October 19–November 1, 2019
McCaw Hall

J. Katarzyna Woronowicz-Johnson

Rossini’s flowery adaptation of the ultimate rags-to-riches story mixes tenderness and frivolity with fabulous results. From its first class overture to its high-flying “happily ever after” finale, the comedic love story delivers delights by the dozen. Toe-tapping tunes, bright ensembles, colorful characters, and ridiculous situations make this valentine to kindness sparkle with an enchantment all its own.

Inspired by Charles Dickens and the cheeky “panto” shows enjoyed in English music halls, director Lindy Hume sets the fairy tale in and around a Victorian emporium. With costumes and dances reminiscent of Mary Poppins, multi-level sets and a dash of stage magic, Hume shines a light on the gleaming potential for goodness in a dark world.