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Kodo, “Tsuzumi”: One Earth Tour

February 4–5
Zellerbach Hall

Takashi Okamoto

In the new production Tsuzumi, the soul-stirring taiko drummers of Kodo look back at the ensemble’s impressive 40-year history and forward to its next chapter of breathtaking performance. Rigorously trained on the rugged, windswept island of Sado in the Sea of Japan, the Kodo drummers bring a youthful joy to their seamlessly athletic displays, shaking the earth with thunderous pounding one moment, and offering delicately shimmering musical synchronicity the next. The program features signature pieces such as O-daikoYatai-bayashiZoku, the popular Monochrome by the late composer Maki Ishii, and new compositions by the next generation of taiko creators.