Book-It’s 2023/24 Season Includes Two World Premieres

Book-It Rep

Book-It Repertory Theatre has announced their 2023/24 season, which will run September 15, 2023 through July 7, 2024. The season includes four shows, three of which will feature the signature “Book-It style,” in which narrative from the source novel is transformed into compelling dialogue between characters.

“Book-It’s 34th Season offers a slate of stories packed with unexpected journeys, with both the characters and the audience embarking on these stunning expeditions, following where those paths lead, and investigating what questions are raised—and what life-altering decisions are made—along the way,” said Interim Artistic Director Kelly Kitchens. “It is a season full of remarkable, innovative artists exploring well-known stories with original interpretations.”

Subscriptions for the season are on sale now.

Frankenstein or, the Modern Prometheus

Join Book-It for a spiral into vengeance with Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. Book-It’s haunting adaptation of this enduring gothic horror novel examines what happens when science goes too far and pits the titular scientist against the being he sewed together and abandoned. This visceral production asks the question: what is a creator’s responsibility towards its creation? And who is the true monster in Frankenstein?

September 15–October 8, 2023

Fellow Passengers

Rediscover a beloved classic this holiday season with Fellow Passengers. While sorting through the artifacts of a lifetime, three people discover fresh meaning in this timeless story, inviting us to reimagine our perspective on life and reclaim our compassion for others. Told in active narrative style and with live music, this is a refreshing and vital reintroduction to Dickens’ masterpiece.  

December 1–24, 2023


In a fictional Latin American country, two hungry children are orphaned by a U.S.-backed coup. Fifteen years later they return, a modern-day Hansel and Gretel, to follow what migas they can in search of their father. Revisiting the scene of the violence they survived, they discover a landscape of secrets and sacrifice they are only beginning to understand.  Delivered through compact and electric dialogue, and leavened with compassion and even humor, Crumbs / Migas is a play about the grief and grace we encounter on the way home.

February 16–March 10, 2024

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Dive into adventure with Book-It’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. From the visionary novel by Jules Verne comes the iconic story of a journey into strange environs, the quest for scientific knowledge, and, of course, a giant squid. Considered one of the greatest adventure books of all time, 20,000 Leagues asks us what will become of humanity as technology allows us to explore—and exploit—the natural world. This world premiere script from Eddie DeHais thrillingly embraces the Book-It Style of active narrative to reveal the urgency, humor, and prescience of Verne’s reckoning with the same topics we face today.

June 14–July 7, 2024