’50 Shades! The Musical’ is Coming to Seattle

Musical theatre fans who love (or love to hate) the S&M-tinged mega-hit book Fifty Shades of Grey, all your dreams are coming true. 50 Shades! The Musical, a parody of the erotic novel, is coming to The Moore Theatre this summer, from June 12-14.

The story of 50 Shades! The Musical centers on a ladies book club that decides to read the naughty novel as a group. As they interpret the book, they take the audience through the story with dance numbers and songs like “They Get Nasty”, “I Don’t Make Love”, and “There’s a Hole Inside of Me.”

There is, of course, a disclaimer: “Like the book series, 50 Shades! The Musical, is surely not for those under the age of 18, but does not cross boundaries that would make general audiences squirm.” Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself!