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Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra—Canceled

February 13
Bing Concert Hall

Courtesy of artist

“In labor, rest; in heat, temperance; in tears, solace.” Georg Muffat’s immense Missa in labore requies, the composer’s only surviving sacred work, beams with expressivity thanks to its extraordinary display of two vocal and three instrumental choirs. This work of grandeur was admired by the onetime owner of the autographed manuscript—Joseph Haydn. Paired with Muffat’s mass, Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis, composed amidst troubled Napoleonic times in Austria, nevertheless shines with splendor. Highlighting the pristine voices of Mary Bevan, Roderick Williams, Tim Mead and James Gilchrist—and the “musical brilliance” of the Philharmonia Chorale—this program serves as a magnificent beacon of light to those who need it most.

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