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A Beautiful Mind

Kimberly Pross

 Each week, Stanford Under the Stars: Movie Nights at Frost brings a selection of movies featuring actors who attended Stanford or various Stanford and Northern California filming locations. Jennifer Connelly, known for her roles in Requiem for a Dream and A Beautiful Mind, began modeling when she was 10 years old and acted in films as a teenager, including her role in the 1986 movie Labyrinth with David Bowie. After studying English literature at Yale, Connelly transferred to Stanford to study drama and left before graduating to continue a career in acting.

From the heights of notoriety to the depths of depravity, John Forbes Nash, Jr. experienced it all. A mathematical genius, he made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But the handsome and arrogant Nash soon found himself on a painful and harrowing journey of self-discovery. After many years of struggle, he eventually triumphed over his tragedy, and finally––late in life––received the Nobel Prize.