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January 3–29, 2023
Center Theatre

Seattle Shakespeare Company

Money, Money, Money. Sly and greedy, the ultra-wealthy Volpone has come up with an ingenious scheme to grow his riches.  Aided by his cunning servant Mosca, Volpone feigns a fatal illness to lure his avaricious friends to flatter him with gold and jewels in exchange for being named in his will. But then the stakes get higher! One friend swears to disinherit his own son, while another offers his beautiful wife. The ruse can’t last forever, and when Volpone’s mischief comes to light…well, we’ll see who gets their just rewards.

A Delightful Deception. Shakespeare’s friend and peer penned one of the most remarkable and bombastic stage satires on greed and human nature. Jonson skewers hypocrisies and vanities, but does so with such comic relish that Volpone will have you rolling in the aisles while also questioning your own judgment.

The Joy of a Good Trick. Kurt Beattie, former artistic director at ACT Theatre, stages this very funny Jacobean feast that brought Jonson back from the brink of obscurity. Filled with outrageous characters and outlandish situations, no English play is quite like Volpone.

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