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Seattle Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare: Drum and Colours—Hamlet

February 16–March 13, 2022
Center Theatre

Seattle Shakespeare Company

Sublime Stagecraft. Two plays. Two directors. Nine Actors. It’s theatrical lightning in a bottle! Juxtaposing a comedy and a tragedy in rotating repertory is a showpiece of range and talent. Hamlet and As You Like It are distilled to their essences in sizzling adaptations that focus on the actor’s art of storytelling peeled bare.

Artists at the Center. For the past two years, Seattle Shakespeare has supported POC artists on a journey to explore personal connections to the classics through our Shakespeare Equity Engagement program and the Holding Space project. In meeting the community’s needs this all-POC Shakespeare repertory company sprang forth with 360-degree representation, including actors, directors, and an all-POC design team. It’ll be a theatrical highwire act to shed new light on familiar works.

Thrilling Theatrics. See one or see them both!  A full viewing of both plays will only enhance the experience of this event but isn’t required to be enthralled. This all-POC company is set to craft experiences that complement each other and yet add up to so much more than their individual parts.