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Pacific Northwest Ballet

The Intermission Project

March 8–21, 2021

Courtesy of Pacific Northwest Ballet

“Intermission” implies a period of time spent between. In 2021, most artists find themselves frozen in isolation, caught in between—between what their normal was, the lights, the curtain, the stage and the audience; and what their post-COVID 19 “normal” will look like.

A nine-part film project presented in three acts, The Intermission Project aims to capture the emotional and cerebral journey we have found ourselves on this past year. The work was designed to be viewed at one’s own pace—a 4-minute piece here or there, a slightly longer 12-minute act, or the full 35 minutes in one sitting. The Intermission Project leans into the questions of this state of “in between” we find ourselves in, until the intermission ends and we can see what our next act will hold. [Excerpted from notes by Emma Love Suddarth.]

This work is being offered free of charge to PNB supporters.

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